Starry Kotoba World

Quirasoft partnered with the Japanese school Starry Kotoba World and Dennis van Mazijk to develop a mobile application that lets children practice English vocabulary and grammar by playing grade related games.

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Royal Dutch Society of Engineers

In collaboration with the Royal Institute of Engineers (KIVI) in the Netherlands Quirasoft is developing their mobile application.

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ArcelorMittal Projects

In collaboration with ArcelorMittal Projects Europe B.V. Quirasoft has developed an app for their customers all around the world. With the mobile application, they can inform their customers about the latest news, projects and more. Quirasoft also developed a customized dashboard where they can manage the app.

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International Symposia of the IASS

Quirasoft developed in collaboration with IASS and the Royal Dutch Society of Engineers a mobile and proceedings application for their conference.

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FISITA World Automotive Congress

In collaboration with the Royal Dutch Society of Engineers and FISITA Quirasoft has develop a mobile application for the 35th FISITA World Automotive Congress. The congress took place in MECC Maastricht, the Netherlands. A full technical program gives participants a better understanding of recent developments in the field of automotive technology.

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Clash of the Euros

Clash of the Euros is a tactical game for the Windows Phone. In this tactical mini game you have to guide your team and supporters to the stadium.