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Andries Ritsema Account Coördinator en Facilitair Beheer KIVI
I recommend Quirasoft for your next App project, because?
- It is a pleasure to work with them.
- I'm very positive about their products and excellent services.
- They have a professional approach and you get a quick response on requests.
- They delivered successfully our app for the 35ste FISITA World Automotive Congress for multiple mobile platforms Android, iOS and the Windows Phone.


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  • How does the 30-day trial work?

    When you decide that you want to work with us you start with a free trial. There are no strings attached. You can decide after the trial if you like to work with us or not on your digital solution.

  • Can I change my development hours?

    Yes, it is always possible to change the development hours. Please contact us to discuss this.

  • Can I cancel my monthly plan?

    Yes, you can always cancel your monthly plan. You simply pay month-to month. If you cancel, you’ll be billed only for the current month.

  • Can I cancel my annual plan?

    Yes, the annual plan can only be terminated before the minimum term of 12 months has passed when you and Quirasoft give their written consent with therein stating the mutually agreement of terminating the annual plan.

  • Will the annual subscription be renewed?

    No, we will not automatically renew your annual plan. We will inform you one month before if you want to continue your annual subscription.

  • Can I carry unused hours to the next month?

    No, if you don’t fully utilize the allowed hours, you cannot carry over the remaining hours to the next month nor can they be refunded.

  • Can I temporarily put my subscription on hold?

    Yes, when you think that you are not going to fully utilize the hours, please let us know one month in advance and we can place your subscription plan on hold. When you are on a yearly subscription plan, you can hold the subscription for a maximum of 3 months in a year and otherwise we have to suspend your subscription plan. You will not be billed for the upcoming month(s). When you want to continue using our services please let us know. When you are on a yearly subscription plan, we adjust your ending date of your subscription accordingly.

  • Can I get access to the full source code?

    Yes, we can give you full access to the source code without any license fees if so requested of us. Quirasoft retains ownership of the source code. You are not allowed to make the source code available to third parties. The source code (or parts thereof) may not be sold or used for any other application by you. When Quirasoft is no longer able to take care of the maintenance of the digital solution, ceases its operations or when the agreement has been cancelled for any reason you acquire the right to use the source code and other materials needed for the support and maintenance of your digital solution in your own management or to continue through third parties.

  • What types of payment do you accept?

    We will send you a monthly invoice for the coming month. The invoice amount can be transferred within 30 days to our bank account.

  • What will happen if I don’t pay on time?

    We understand that sometimes doing business administration can be a hurdle and takes lot of time. Please let us know if you cannot pay within 30 days. We will continue with the development, but when there is no payment within 90 days we have to suspend your subscription plan.

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