Going through some of the old projects of Quirasoft, I looked at our first commercial game called “Clash of the Euros”. Time to time it is very important to me to take a look at some of our older projects in order to see if there are any personal improvements I would have to address. In this blog, I will go through our game development process and the challenges that awaited us.

Before starting with a project, you always need to have a goal in mind. This can be anything, like having a lot of sales in the first month of business. For me, the most important goal of this project was not to make the best and the most innovative game of all time (it would of course be awesome), but it was important to learn all the important steps involved with game development and a team that is not yet experienced. I always strive to define requirements by which you can measure the achievable.

The requirements of this project were:

  1. The game needs to be released on the same day that the European Football Championship starts.
  2. We need to have a concept that we can develop within two months.
  3. The concept must be based on proved gameplay elements.

I remembered very well that not all the team members agreed on this, especially with the requirement that the concept of the game needs to be based on already proven gameplay elements. The reason why this was very important to me is because our main goal was not to release an innovative game, but to learn the process of game development as w whole. During our brainstorm session we had the idea to develop a tactical mini game that children could play on a mobile device during the European Football Championship back in 2012.

A major decision point was to decide for which platform we would develop the game: Android, iOS, or Windows Phone. Eventually we picked the Windows platform. From a development perspective, it was a great decision, because I was the only programmer on the team that had enough experience in the C# programing language and the Microsoft XNA Framework.

With my current experience, I would not choose Windows Phone since it is far more difficult to have it downloaded on a platform that has a smaller user base. After our initial release we had around 1500 downloads, and a total of sixteen users (1%) that paid for the game. We had made a total of sixteen dollars. After a couple of months, I received a total of five euros gross from Microsoft.

With a team that consisted of five members it would mean that everyone would get exactly one euro for all the effort they had put into it. The project was a very good learning experience, and we even achieved our goals. I was very motivated to start a new game that would be more interesting to develop, but in the end, all the team members decided to start working for other companies. Due to the amount of time it takes to develop a game that might not even see a successful release, it is very difficult to stay motivated or make a living out of it.

I learned that it is extremely important to motivate your team members and let them also believe in you and the whole team. The main question is: how do you do that? Unfortunately, I still do not have the perfect answer yet. I will share more on this in a new article.

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