In the very first beginning of Quirasoft it was a tremendous challenge to find new clients. Potential clients often told us that investing in software is way too expensive or that they already collaborated with a different company.

We believe that if a potential client is already content working with another company, we are not going to persuade them to work with us.

This leaves us thinking about the price and the value that software can offer.

It is very important for us to start a dialogue with our potential clients to find out how a custom-made digital solution, such as a mobile application can support their business. During this dialogue, it becomes clear that many clients usually already have great ideas and often know what kind of software they need.

When a client decides not to start the project, does this mean that our price is too high or that there is a different reason? Most of their responses where indeed related to the price. They also could not or did not want to tell us what their available budget was. From this point of view, we understand that they did not want to share this. It would give us the possibility to change our price accordingly to their budget. This is by no means how we do business with our clients.

During our investigation, we found out a that many project managers believe that their software projects will fail.

75% of business and IT executives anticipate their software projects will fail. (Source:

If there is a believe that such a high percentage of software projects will fail, then it will indeed be very difficult to start a new project. One of our client also had that experience. We believe that one of the big reasons a software project will fail is the lack of good communication.

We start with a brainstorm session to make clear how we can address the issue, and accordingly let the client believe that the project will succeed. To achieve this, we think of the unthinkable. Let not us, but let the client decide what they want to pay.

When I had dinner with a potential client about developing their new mobile application, I offered the client the idea to build the software and that they can decide the price or budget they think it is worth. If they would only offer one euro, we would accept that. The only thing I give them is an estimate of how many hours it would take us to develop the software. This method ensures that we take away the risk of investing in a mobile application without knowing what you get in return, or even expect.

After successfully delivering their mobile application within the specified time, we were very curious what the client would pay us. During the project, we built up a very trustful relationship and in the end the client paid us a very reasonable price for all our services.

Does this mean that it will work for every business and for every person? I think this depends on how much your company is willing to invest, because there are always people around that will take advantage of this. Do it with great care, and this can potentially help you to build a trustful relationship with clients.

We believe that trust is earned and therefore, for building a trustful relationship, we always offer one month free of development. Within this month, we will try to prove to you how great it is to work with us on your next digital solution.

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