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ArcelorMittal Distribution Solutions, Projects

In collaboration with ArcelorMittal’s business unit Projects, which is part of Distribution Solutions, we have developed an app for their worldwide customers. With the app, they can inform their customers about their products, latest news and much more.

Zhen Min Cheong Marketing and Communications Executive ArcelorMittal Distribution Solutions, Projects
I've had the pleasure of working with Ricardo on an app project. During this time he has proven to be a very knowledgeable developer with a keen eye for detail and able to work in close collaboration with both client as well as other stakeholders. Most importantly, he goes the extra smile to ensure the success of every project!

Ricardo Quirante Martinez

OWNER & Developer

His passion for games started around the year 1992 when he got his first game console for his birthday.

The idea for Quirasoft already existed, but the doors were officially opened on the 1st of January 2012. From that moment on he has been faced with many business challenges.

In addition to his passion for games, he reads a lot of books on various topics from psychology to the creation of the Universe. He loves delicious food, especially sushi and paella. To relax he listens to game and movie soundtracks. Because he doesn’t want to sit behind his desk all day he also likes to go for a walk and cycle.